Week of July 9

I didn’t get much written last week, so I think I’ll write for both weeks 😛

So, Week of the Fourth. Heh, Independence day 🙂 We made Cachupa. (the 5th is the Cabo Verde independence day).

Wow, like I said, Elder Bigelow is working me into the ground. He’s a machine 🙂 We’ve been visiting a lot of people in the last few weeks, including Anapaula and Pascoal, Pedro and Atija, William and Prisca, Senda and Henriqueta, Leandro (his wife, Angela, went to go visit family for a month with some of the kids), all couples. We also visited with Joseph and Felizardo (which means lucky or lucky devil :P). Joseph and Felizardo are progressing super well, although Joseph didn’t show up to church yesterday and Felizardo didn’t show to our appointment last night. I need to call them today to figure out what’s going on and if there’s anything we can do to help.

With William and Prisca, we’ve been working super hard to get them a testimony of the Book of Mormon. William has some trouble with addictions, but has told us he wants to stop (that’s actually how he found us). So we also shared a story in Helaman 5 about how to overcome addictions. If you have time to read it, I highly recommend it. Remember, the cloud of darkness represents the temptations of the devil (1 Nephi 12:17). Basically, to escape from the temptations of the devil, we should pray to God until we have faith in Christ. But read the story, it’s a lot better.

As of right now, we have 8 investigators with a baptismal date (which are all the ones I mentioned earlier). Some are progressing super well, while others aren’t as much. Elder Bigelow and I are working super hard to try and get them all where they need to be.

Oh, yea. Elder Bigelow and Elder Nascimento went to Luaha this weekend. They left on Wednesday, and will get back tomorrow. So, I’ve been walking with Elder Paxman since then. We’re having a lot of fun doing the work. Elder Paxman is a great missionary. But I do miss my companion 😛

So, Joseph. He’s from the Congo (I’m not entirely sure where). So he speaks fluent French and a dialect they speak there. Work was super hard to find for him there, so he left and went to Kenya. He was there for eight months (and he speaks English really well!) and happened to find the church through a friend of his. He moved here to Nampula because he has a ‘brother’ (who’s “not a brother, he’s a brother” according to Joseph. I think this means he’s a bro. :P) who said he could get a job here teaching French. So, he’s working towards that, and in the meantime is working at his bro’s salon. Joseph is super cool. I mean, like really super cool. Our second real lesson with him (in the first one, we gave him all the pamphlets we could in English and Portuguese) he taught us about the Law of Chastity and told us how important it was. We went over the Restoration and he apologized for not praying every time he read the Book of Mormon and told us he’d make sure he did it :P. Elder Bigelow and I were about foaming at the mouth with excitement.

Erm. Friday, I went to go change the water filters in our house, and saw a few roaches crawling out of the filter housing. So, I decided to take it apart to clean it and get rid of the roaches. I don’t know if that was a good idea or a bad one, but Elder Paxman and I went on a 3 hour roach killing spree. We killed hundreds and displaced hundreds more. Our kitchen is cleaner!

Ooh! Soares came back from Lichinga! He was a member who went to go study right before I left the first time, and I hadn’t seen him since then. (He’s the one who found Marlene and Neninha). It was super cool to see him again 🙂

Also, Nelo is a stud. We played basketball with him this morning (he’s like 6-8 inches shorter than me and can almost grab the rim…). But most importantly, he took it upon himself to try and keep the kids quiet and organized during sacrament meeting. He kept getting up and leaving to keep the screaming kids out side quiet. I love him. He’s going to be a great missionary when he gets older (he’s only 17 I think.)

Well. That’s about it. I’m super excited for this week. President Kretly gets here in a few days and we’ll have a training with him and his wife and recently-returned missionary son. Exciting!

Love you all!
Elder A. Spencer Leake

Below are this week’s pictures of the mish. Hi Elder Paxman’s family!

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Week of July 2

Well, life moves on, huh?

I’m super tired right now. Elder Bigelow has been working me into the ground. This morning, we went and helped carry blocks for Jamal’s house. These little girls showed us up… I feel weak 😛

But really, I can’t think of too much that happened this week. erm. oops. Usually, I bring my planner so I can remember, but today I left it at home. So, I think this is the end. Blegh.

Weak, I know. I’ll try to send more next week 🙂

Love you all!
Elder A. Spencer Leake

These girls are 6-8 years old. They carried bricks two at a time…

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Week of June 25

Man, time flies.

Elder Bigelow and I are doing work. Last week we talked about working on cleaning up our area. Our area bbok was a mess, our GPS doesn’t make sense, and some other things like that. So, in our ‘extra’ time (the time we don’t have anything specific planned), we’re working hard to get this place nice for the next elders that come in. We’ve got a lot of people that we don’t know who they are or have GPS coordinates or no telephone number. So, we’re working on that. We’ve got a huge Google maps file full of people we are looking for. Fun Fun. I’m surprised, it actually has been 😛

Elder Bigelow is a champion. I’m having a great time with him and learning a lot from him. He’s got a big heart and wants to work his heart out. Like I said, we’re doing work 😛

Oh, yea. We got the church sign up this week! Woohoo. Elder Bigelow and I got it done. We also walked a bit with Agostinho, one of the members who’s working on going on a mission. He’s basically just waiting on his Passport, so he should be ready here pretty soon to go 🙂 I’m super excited for him.

Well. I think that’s it for now. We’ve been working super hard, but not much has changed, as far as our schedule goes. We do get 2 hours of companion study a day, which is both nice and super tough.

Well, love you all!

PS, grats to Kyle Hill on his almost-married status. 😛
PPS, in case anyone cares, Luaha’s GPS coordinates are 15° 6’34.86″S 37°54’24.24″E. The building under that GPS point is the chapel they built with their own hands.

Chapel before

How we got down

Elder Bigelow painting

Finished plaque

Finished building

Curtain rod fell down. Elder Bigelow tried to fix it (it didn’t work)

I’m trying his glasses for the day today. He has about the same eye problem I have. It helps a lot…

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Week of June 18

Well, this week has been crazy. Since last week, we got kicked out of an apartment building, Elders Nascimento and Paxman returned from Luaha, Elder Coombs left for Marromeu, I walked with the other leaders for a few days, the Osborns came up, Elder Bigelow showed up, we worked till we died, and we played basketball this morning.

Some other things happened, too 😛

But yea, Elder Coombs is in Marromeu now. Elder Bigelow came on Saturday morning and we got to work! We’ve been working really hard the last couple of days, and have gotten a lot of work done. Yesterday was a national holiday, so we couldn’t do internet. So, we went out and got a lot of stuff done. On Sunday, we started going through our area book (What a mess!) and so the first thing we did was to go and sort out a few people and get some kind of contact information on them. Cremildo knows a lot of these people, so we talked to him. Afterwards, we took him to go visit Ana Paula and Pascoal, a couple who are fairly close to marriage. We talked a lot about perseverance (they are so close to marriage!). We then went to go visit Jamal and Suraia, way out in the boonies. It was a long trip, but worth it. Jamal and Suraia didn’t come to church on Sunday. That never happens, so we wanted to go find out what was wrong. They are currently renting a house and are about to be evicted, but are working on their own house. So, they were trying to get some stuff straight there. Understandable 🙂 After them, we went to go visit Carla. She had a couple of friends over, so we started to talk about the Family: A Proclamation to the World. it went over amazingly well until Carla’s mom (a Catholic her whole life, and she’s 70 something!) came to talk. Well, to try and prove us wrong. She asked a few questions designed to lead us off track, and I felt the Spirit leave. I said to my self “Elder Leake, don’t respond you can’t do this on your own”… I was right… I did try and talk to her, but without the Spirit, it went bad pretty fast. So I stopped, listened, and prayed. The Spirit came back. I can’t remember almost anything that happened, but I remember feeling a great love for all of those present and I remember expressing it to them. The Spirit was there, and I know they felt it. That was by far the longest conversation we’ve been able to have with Carla’s mom about religion. I remember bearing my testimony a lot about the truthfulness of the church, the fact that they can and should know for themselves, and the eternal-ness of families.

Words cannot express how incredibly excited I am to be working with Elder Bigelow and to finish up strong! 😛

Love you all!

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Week of June 4

First things first. I didn’t do great this week, but I’m trying to be more obedient… So I’m only sending one email home, and I really should be getting emails through my parents. So, if everyone could send the emails to Mom (hsleake @ gmail.com), she can send them to me.

Well, well. This week felt a little longer than usual. Oh wait, it’s Tuesday. I guess it was longer 😛 We tried to come to the internet place yesterday, but internet was down the few times we tried. So no dice there. But it works today, so I can’t really complain.

Last week is a blur. Monday and Tuesday passed really quickly, and I hardly even remember what happened. Wednesday morning, we got up at 2 am to get to the bus to get to Quelimane. After a long, crowded bus ride (a lot of people stood up for most of the 9 hour ride!) we finally got to Quelimane around 1 pm. We walked through puddles to get to the elders’ house… Luckily I didn’t fall in 🙂 But it was a struggle for sure. We spent a good portion of that day running around with the elders doing contacts in the city. Elder Coombs and I got a bunch of awesome ideas from them that we have started using this week.
Thursday was zone conference, and it was awesome. It was President Spendlove’s last :(. I’m excited for the new president, but I’ll definitely miss the Spendloves. (They leave at the end of this month). We also watched a movie as a zone activity, Amazing Grace. It was super good; I recommend it to anyone. Friday morning, we were up again super early. We were super happy, though, because the bus was empty. I fell asleep on my own row. Only to be awakened some time later, because we had to move buses. This one was even more full than the first… I stood up for about four hours, then Elder Coombs took my place. Yikes.

I tried to call home on Saturday, but the reception was bad… Oh well, I got to talk to some of you anyway 🙂 Love you all!

Sunday… We took care of primary. Then we went to go visit some people that didn’t show up to church. We also had correlation (which is getting awesome, thanks to Agostinho).

Yesterday we tried internet, but no luck. Oh well 😛

Elder Coombs and I are hard at work today, and this week. We’re doing something I’ve never done before in my mission: knock doors *gasp*. But I’m excited. It’s been fun.

Well, I love you all!!

Bike taxi in Quelimane. Super fun 🙂

Elder Workman at dinner Wednesday night with a kitten. They ran around us all throughout dinner.

Elder Maynez (before malaria) and I at dinner, with kittens.

Elder Maynez at zone conference (with malaria…)

Elder Maynez (recuperating from malaria) and Sister Spendlove

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Week of May 30

Well, well well.

Another week come and gone. This week was an odd one, for sure. Elder Coombs and I are companions, but we didn’t start doing anything together until Thursday. I walked with Elder Paxman for the early part of the week (we thought we’d be companions, but we weren’t! :P) On Thursday, all we did was try to get some stuff done for the church. We got the sign for the church ordered (only took a few years!) and got everything bought to try to reduce the echo in the building. I finished the electrical work on one side of the building (fans on the wall) and we got the estedas hung. I forgot to take pictures of the finished product, but it’s… interesting. It seems to help, though, so it’s worth it.

This week we’re headed to Quelimane for Zone conference. We leave Wednesday, Conference will be on Thursday, back on Friday (my birthday!). Wewt. And then phone call! Awesome. Well, I’m excited.

Elder Coombs and I are trying to focus on the less actives and inactives here in Nampula. So I’m searching for them 🙂 fun fun fun.

Well, love you all!

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Week of May 23


I’m going with Elder Coombs now. He has had four companions, two (technically three) areas in four transfers here in Nampula. Hehe. But I’m excited. we redivided the areas and focusing closer to the church, so it’ll be good.

I walked mostly with Elder Chamberlain and Elder Paxman this week, after Elders Paxman and Coombs got back from Luaha on Wednesday. Pretty uneventful week. I walked mostly in the other elders’ areas because I had already lost my comp. But on Thursday we went to walk in my area.

This whole week I’ve also been working on a project at the church – more electrical work 😛 We’re putting up fans in the building, out of reach of the congregation, that will be turned on and off by a switch. This way, hopefully, the fans will last longer. The ones we have now are falling apart (quite literally) after about a year and a half of use. We’re also going to put up some kind of noise-reduction somehow. It echoes pretty badly right now.

We (Elders Chamberlain, Paxman and I) had to leave church early yesterday to get Elder Chamberlain to the airport to go home. As I write this, he’s probably on a plan to South Africa 🙂

Well, this week I’m going to continue the work on the chapel and try to get to all of my investigators. Wish me luck 🙂

Love you all!

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