Week of August 20 (Michael Buble)

‘Nother week!

One of the coolest things that happened this week was a division I did with Elder Cyrier. Also, the branch had a nice activity for the couples that went really well. But anyway, on to the meat! Tuesday, After we got home from internet, we had lunch and quickly tried to head out to a highly tiring area (because of all the sand we have to walk through) and meet with an investigator, Armenio. He wasn’t home. Again. So, we ended up doing some contacts and going to the house of Tomas, a new investigator that we found last week (or the week before, I don’t remember). He was in his house, and we talked to him about the Restoration. It was a really good lesson and Tomas made a lot of good comments. I was actually really surprised, because he already has a lot of correct ideas and he knows a lot about the Bible. It was a really nice lesson and I felt that he opened up to us a lot. We had a lot more contacts that we did that day (not that really opened up or went anywhere, but it was a good day) and then our last lesson with Tomas, who’s not new 😛 His family is all members and we’re working on his “officialization” of his “union”. Heh. Traditions. They can’t get married, because that would involve a huge party they’d have to invite everyone to and pay a ridiculous amount of money to have. But a civil union, no problem. Nice. We talked a bit about the process of registering their marriage and talked with their oldest girl, Delfina, about a mission (which she wants to serve) and gave her the papers and explained a bit about how to fill them out.

Wednesday, the zone leaders showed up early to do our division. Ugh, I don’t like chapas. It was a long ride back to Matola, where they work. I worked with one of the zone leaders, Elder Cyrier, while the other, Elder Naumann (in my group) stayed in our area for the day to walk with my companion. While in the chapa on the way to Matola, we heard one of Michael Buble’s songs: Home. It was a challenge. Elder Cyrier wasn’t much help keeping under control. He kept saying “This must be such a trunky song!” and such. Sigh. Oh well! We reached the Matola house and started studying. We got everything in, but I realized that I had taken the keys to the T3 house with me! Luckily, there was another set of keys, but it almost ended in disaster… Well. We went to go visit a recent convert named Xavier. It was a good lesson. Eventually (I don’t remember a lot of this day) we got to the house of Arlet and Vitor. Arlet was near to leaving, but we got to sit with Vitor, the first time Elder Cyrier had the opportunity to sit down with him. He is a pretty inactive member and has a problem with commandments the elders are trying to help him with. As we first started to talk to him, he was pretty closed. But as we talked (yay!) he opened up! It was a very spiritual moment in which he asked for our help in overcoming these substances that are so addicting. That night, we went to Alberto’s house. It took forever. Yikes! We walked for about an hour and a half until we got there, and then we were able to have the baptismal interview with him. I slept at their house (After eating KFC!!! Woah, I was super weirded out. It didn’t feel like Africa :P) and my companion came back with Elder Naumann Thursday morning. We went back to our area, took pictures of the chapel for President Kretly, and then had a couple of good lessons with some of our investigators.

Friday we found a member whose uncle lives in the states! He showed me a picture of his uncle’s mission (I’ll attach it, see if you can guess where he served :P). Saturday, we had a great day planned, but most of it fell through, and we ended up just helping with the activity that the couples had at the church. The activity went over super well, and it really helped to strengthen what little bit of a base the church has got here.

Yesterday was tough. We are having some problems with our house and the person responsible decided to do the work while we were at church. So we were super stressed trying to get that going and church running and and and and and. I can’t remember everything (which is probably a good thing), but it was tough. And they did a terrible job in the house. It looks like we’re going to have to look for a new house here soon… We had district meeting. which went super well, and then went to bed. Today, we went bowling!!! Again, it didn’t feel like Africa 😛

Well, I love you all!
Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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