Week of July 30

It’s not malaria and I’m not in Nampula 😛

We’ll start with Monday to show what happened 🙂
So after Internet and buying everything we needed for the week, I was exhausted and a bit nauseated. We had two lessons marked that day, one with Pedro and Atija and one with Joseph, but we cancelled them both because I was feeling so bad. I ended up sleeping for a few hours while the others cleaned the house a bit. I never did find out about transfers that day… I was a bit worried, because I knew I was going to be leaving, but I had no idea when or to where… That Sunday we had received news that we were to receive transfers on Wednesday. woohoo, excitement galore. It’s interesting that this is the most… notable thing… that happens in a missionary’s life. Pretty much everything else is more important, but transfers always mark a way-point. Anyway.

Tuesday, we went to Dionisios and planned with him for a bit to go to our only lesson, that with Ana Cristina and Helder. We had a great lesson with them on the end section of the Plan of Salvation and a wonderful time with Dionisio. We went home again, early, and I slept a bunch 😛

Wednesday, we went to go visit a bunch of people, but only taught one lesson, to Felizardo. It was a good day, but in the long run, not a good idea. The elders woke me up that night to let me know I was being transferred to T3, in Maputo. I had no other info than that.

Thursday, I stayed at home all day. I was exhausted. I started packing, knowing I was leaving, and tried doing other stuff, but I was too tired.

Friday, after our District meeting, I called Sister Kretly, because I was still sick…. I went to the hospital and found out it’s some kind of infection… So, I’m on the right meds now, and starting to feel better for real this time, but I’m still super tired and sore. Ah, Africa. Also, I got a call at 19h telling me I should be on the plane to Maputo that left at 20h. Erm. That didn’t happen… but I did get it rescheduled, free of charge 🙂

Saturday, we had baptisms (that were supposed to happen last week). Felizardo got baptized! I left Nampula at 13h30 and got to Maputo 15h30.

Yesterday was church, which went well. I am the new district leader here and I can see some things I really want to work on. The elders are a bit depressed and very negative because of the seemingly low numbers and activity in the church here. I want to help to see if I can get the overall morale to raise, specifically that of hope. Without hope, there is no charity. Without charity, there is no faith. Without faith, nothing that can happen will happen. So, we’re going to turn that around 🙂

Anyway, running out of time here, love you all!
Elder A. Spencer Leake

Yea, that is a BYU jacket. Elder Paxman was super excited 😛

Us at the airport, saying goodbye to Elder Nascimento! This was our transfer pic 😛

Me and Elder Bigelow and Joseph

A fire somewhere off in the distance

Me and Pedro and Atija and Carla

Me and Marlene!

Elder Bigelow, Cremildo, Felizardo, me

The wall of transfer pics!

The present Joseph gave to me before I left 😛


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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