Week of June 25

Man, time flies.

Elder Bigelow and I are doing work. Last week we talked about working on cleaning up our area. Our area bbok was a mess, our GPS doesn’t make sense, and some other things like that. So, in our ‘extra’ time (the time we don’t have anything specific planned), we’re working hard to get this place nice for the next elders that come in. We’ve got a lot of people that we don’t know who they are or have GPS coordinates or no telephone number. So, we’re working on that. We’ve got a huge Google maps file full of people we are looking for. Fun Fun. I’m surprised, it actually has been πŸ˜›

Elder Bigelow is a champion. I’m having a great time with him and learning a lot from him. He’s got a big heart and wants to work his heart out. Like I said, we’re doing work πŸ˜›

Oh, yea. We got the church sign up this week! Woohoo. Elder Bigelow and I got it done. We also walked a bit with Agostinho, one of the members who’s working on going on a mission. He’s basically just waiting on his Passport, so he should be ready here pretty soon to go πŸ™‚ I’m super excited for him.

Well. I think that’s it for now. We’ve been working super hard, but not much has changed, as far as our schedule goes. We do get 2 hours of companion study a day, which is both nice and super tough.

Well, love you all!

PS, grats to Kyle Hill on his almost-married status. πŸ˜›
PPS, in case anyone cares, Luaha’s GPS coordinates are 15Β° 6’34.86″S 37Β°54’24.24″E. The building under that GPS point is the chapel they built with their own hands.

Chapel before

How we got down

Elder Bigelow painting

Finished plaque

Finished building

Curtain rod fell down. Elder Bigelow tried to fix it (it didn’t work)

I’m trying his glasses for the day today. He has about the same eye problem I have. It helps a lot…


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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