Week of March 12

I had a great week this week, and a very productive one! Elder Delgado and I worked really hard to try and visit everyone we could, but we have been assigned to help out making our chapel more… chapelly. So, we bought a pulpit, a sacrament table, as well as a few other things. We have been working super hard to make it more hospitable and welcoming. Tuesday, we went to go visit Carla (who was baptized this last Saturday!) and she is awesome. She is a widowed French-major high school teacher. And she has a super strong testimony. It was cool to talk to her and get to know her and find ways to help her out. We also talked with Maninho and tried to get him closer to baptism (he’s pretty close, but we have to wait for the mission rule 16 years old). We then went to visit Marta, who is a recent convert, and talked a little bit about the Gospel with her. It’s really awesome teaching with Elder Delgado. He is a really good teacher, and he really wants to help the people. We fit together really well, and the Spirit works well through us 😛 On our way to our next appointment, we passed by the house of Pedro, a Cabo Verdian who has lived in Mozambique for the last 45 years. He’s a super smart guy, and has traveled to a lot of places in Europe, and even the States! He speaks really good English, tambem. We then ended our day by talking to Leandro and Angela, to remark (we were late, walking from the other side of the city) and talking with Felizardo (cousin of Claudia) and then to Anapaula. Wednesday, we had a great lesson with Dionisio, a recent convert. He told me to say Hi to elder Hill 😛 Afterwords, we spent the rest of the day trying to find stuff for the chapel. Blegh.

Thursday, we visited Carla again, and talked to her brother. He is a polyglot. That we heard, he speaks at least: Portuguese, French, German, English, Creolo, and probably more. And fluently in all of them… He’s a cool guy, and we really want to see if we can help him. Unfortunately, he traveled to Maputo for a couple of weeks, so we’ll have to wait on that. We then went and visited pretty much the same people on Tuesday. With Leandor and Angela, we talked about establishing goal, and how important they are. We tied it in with their marriage and how they need to have a specific goal, or it’ll never happen. I think they got the point 😛 Friday, we worked at the church again. After District meeting 😛 We were there all day, but we got a lot done, and it looks a lot nicer in there.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, I spent a lot of time studying, because Elder Delgado had meetings as a counselor. Sunday was super cool at church. We had a Sacrament meeting attendance of 115, with a lot of people helping out in all the auxiliaries. Last night, we went to go visit Egidio, who is doing really well, and will probably be ready for baptism here in about a month. He had a really good question about what he needed to do in a situation, and we helped him see that while we are missionaries, we don’t know everything 😛 We can give our opinions, but our opinion isn’t what he needs. So we helped him see how to ask for his own answers to difficult questions. It was cool. We then went and tried to find the house of Rodrigues and Helena, a member (members?) from a while ago. They haven’t been active for a long bit, and I was pretty sad. But it was super strange remembering the path to their house. I remember exactly how to get there, even though almost everything had changed.

One last piece of news: (Mostly just for Elder Hill) Celestino caught Clara cheating on him a couple of weeks ago. He handled it the right way, and ended up sending her back to live with her parents… sad. He’s really broken up about it.

Well, anyway. Love you all!
Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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