Week of January 29

Famity fam fam.

How is?
This week was a good one, and we got a lot of work done. Elder Jeffs and are are working super hard, and I can really fell the Savior’s help as we push to work harder. We had a lesson this week with Elena, the neighbor of Elton, who was baptized a few weeks ago. Our first lesson this week went well and we talked about a good portion of the Plan of Salvation. But when we came back to talk to her later in the week, we found she couldn’t talk. She has some kind of recurring infection in her throat, and when it flares up she can’t talk or eat or really anything. So she can’t go to school. When we sat with her, she had to communicate with us through a notebook. She would write things down and we would respond. It was tough. By the end of our time, we asked her if she wanted a blessing, and she nodded. We gave her a blessing and left. A couple of days later, we saw her with Elton and Ricardo (Elton’s brother). She was so happy! She still wasn’t completely healed, but she had a big smile on her face and was optimistic. I’ve definitely started to notice this with blessings. The Lord’s primary care has to do with our spiritual well being. He cures us spiritually first, then goes to work on our bodies. Elena came to grips with what she had. Then she got over it 😛

We also went to the hospital this week, with Lloyd, an investigator (Papaito’s brother). A friend of his was in the hospital because she had passed out right when she was going to pick up a big pot of boiling water. She burned all of the inside of her arms, and all over her face. This was about two weeks ago. When we showed up on Wednesday to see her, she had already been in the hospital for a while, but still had a while to go before she could go home. We talked with her and she seemed really bright and optimistic, even though she was really burned (everything was 3rd degree – to the muscle in most places. She couldn’t even move her left arm when she first woke up). The thing that really got me was that her little 2 month old baby was on the bed with her. She can’t leave her, so she stays with her all day and night. We said a prayer with her and then left. It was a really cool experience, although I definitely learned I couldn’t be a doctor 😛

I’m really excited for a few of our investigators. Zacarias, Francisco and Alexandro. They’re all doing really well, and have real desire to follow the Savior’s example. It was hard, yesterday, when we went to go visit Alexandro. He hadn’t shown up to church, and so we decided to go see if there was anything wrong. He was fine, but he had some problems with the marriage thing. He says he can’t do it right now. I got a bit frustrated and tried to show him how important it was, but it wasn’t what was right. Elder Jeffs and I ended up leaving there, supporting him in his decision. He still wants to get married, he just doesn’t have the means to do it soon (he says :P). So, we’re going to keep helping him come unto Christ, and we’ll be praying he can find a way to get married sooner 😛

Anyway. Zone conference this week, and then we’re going to Maxixe this weekend. So we’ll probably do internet on Wednesday next week. Love ya!

Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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