Week of December 19

Well, everything here is awesome.

This last week was pretty sweet. It has been cool to serve with Elder Jeffs, who was in my MTC group. He is an awesome missionary and we’re learning lots together. We had some really good lessons this week, but the best part of the week came at the end. Saturday, Christmas Eve, was super awesome. We were told my President that we had to do our Christmas stuff on Saturday, instead of Sunday, and that on Sunday we would be proselyting all day. So, Elder Banks helped us schedule a trip out to Manica, where we talked to a bunch of members and investigators there. We’re hoping to get out there once a month or so and in the future get a group started. But the four of us elders crammed into the back of the Banks’ pickup and rode out to Manica. Manica is about 20 minutes from the Zimbabwe border, and we were early, so we started to head that way, just to see it. We never made it. Apparently 20 minutes isn’t accurate πŸ˜› So, we went back to the city and found our member. Elder Christiansen and Gray stayed there to teach, but Elder Jeffs and I went to go teach a couple of people who couldn’t make it to the meeting. It was super cool. Manica is amazingly beautiful. When we finished, we headed back to Chimoio and went to the Banks’ for dinner/Christmas. We had a wonderful dinner and a lot of food. mmm. I then got to skype πŸ˜› and we played some games and got some prezzies.
Sunday, we had our one hour church, then we went out to go teach. We got to see a lot of people, and I can see they really appreciated it.

Interesting, though, is the lack of “Christmas spirit” here. It’s not really Christmas like it is at home, it’s mostly just an excuse to party. So a lot of people weren’t really… all there. But we shared some good messages with the people we did visit.

Yesterday, everything was closed, so we moved our Pday to today [Tuesday]. And it will be the same next week, too.

Merry Christmas. Late, I know, but πŸ˜› Happy New Year!

Love ya!

Elder A. Spencer Leake

Our "tree" and prezzies

Us crammed in the car

A really old church (taken from the car as we passed)

Manica (from the house of the member)

Christmas dinner

More Christmas dinner

Us, on our roof, people watching Christmas day night


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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