News from Chimoio (Week of November 7)

Well, this week went well.

In all honesty, I can’t remember too much of what happened, I was sick from Thursday till yesterday.

Also, this message has to be short, the power is being very stupid today. It’s already gone out twice.

So Elder Christiansen showed up on Monday night and we had to go get him. He’s super cool, and is something this district needs (He’s the district leader). We talked a lot about what the reasoning behind having members at lessons is, and we set a goal to have more member lessons than other lessons. I’m a bit excited.

We started teaching the carpenter who has been working on our house. At the beginning of the lesson, I had no hope for him… He was very… ignorant. But Elder Nascimento and I followed the Spirit and talked about faith, and what it really is. We explained that man can have faith in all kinds of things, but that in his fallen state, man tends to have faith in things that can’t produce. Faith is the belief that one has that leads to actions. For example, I can have faith that if I study, I will learn and be able to apply my knowledge to better myself and my fellow man. Or, I can have faith that if I drink a beer, I’m going to feel better. They are both types of faith, but one is better in the end for me. The best faith to have is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He doesn’t fail. Believing in Him and acting on it is the surest way to improve yourself. Once Brother Neto (the carpenter) realized that, he got really serious. He really wanted to improve himself, and I think he realized that we were here to offer that help. As we left, we asked him if there were any other questions he had. He just asked, ‘Can you teach me how to pray?’

Well, it looks like he wants to start acting. I was happy.

So I got a haircut this week. The barber didn’t have a 2 or 3, so I got a 1. Well, it’s easy maintenance.

Well, love you all!

We’re going to go climb a mountain today! woot!

Elder A. Spencer Leake

My hometown!

Before haircut...

After haircut!


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