Week of October 17

This week was pretty.
Monday and Thursday we went to help Irmão Panganai with his house. It fell down in a storm a few weeks ago. So, we’ve been rebuilding it! I actually don’t have many (if any) pics. But I’m going to try to get a hold of some to send to you. It’s been a lot of fun, and we usually task the local kids in helping us 😛 we’ve been working with teaching a lot of people, and it’s cool to see how the new program for missionaries is helping. I can feel the Spirit testifying more, and our investigators (well, the ones who are real investigators :P) are progressing more rapidly. It’s cool to see the progress.

Friday, I did a division with Elder Adamson, one of the younger missionaries in the house. He’s pretty cool. He is a climber, like me, super into sports, and even played WoW a bit 😛 He’s a great teacher, and we had a fabulous day. (I also got some good music referrals to look up when I get home. I’m collecting a huge list!)

On Saturday, I did a division with Elder Stewart. He’s in my district, so we talked a lot about the mish, how we’ve changed. We then got hooked on school, and talked pretty much all day about it 😛 We also looked for ACs on both of those days, we still don’t have some and it’s starting to get HOT. Luckily, at night it’s been pretty cool, but I had to move my bed from the top bunk to the floor, because there’s no air moving and I’m sweating like a pig at night. But it’s all better now, I’m even sleeping the whole night through!

I’ve been having some problems with my shoe and socks, they are all destroyed. The left shoe on both pair I have has a crack, ok, a fissure, running through the middle of the midsole, and the front of the shoes are coming apart from the sole. But it’s been that way for almost 6 months. I finally got them repaired; I’ll pick up one of the pairs today. And as for socks, if there’s a hole in the bottom, I just turn the socks upside down! There’s still a hole in the sock, but it doesn’t affect me. I’m so proud of my idea 😛

So sneak peak at this week: we’re heading to Maxixe on Friday. It looks like about an 8 hour trip one way, so that kind of sucks, but oh well. It’s going to be fun, I’ll get to see Elder Fonseca, who I haven’t seen since January (also from my district). There are four Elders in Maxixe, and two of them are going home in one week, so they’re leaving Maxixe on Friday or Saturday… lol it’s going to be interesting. But I’m excited!

It’s been a good week. I hope everything’s well at home!

Love ya’ll

Elder A. Spencer Leake


About Spencer Leake

Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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