Week of October 3

Well hello!

So, not too exciting this week.

Tuesday, we went out and had lessons with a few people, but all in all, not much happened. We were still reeling from last week (few lessons, lots of work), and so we mostly just tried to visit people, a lot of which we didn’t mark with.

On Wednesday, the Assistants to President were here to give us a training on the new church program for missionaries. In the MTC, they no longer learn the ‘lessons,’ just practice teaching and learning the language. So, in the first 12 weeks (two transfers) in the field, they are supposed to learn these things with their trainer. President Spendlove want us to do it as a mission, instead of just the trainers and trainees. So starting tomorrow, Elder Nascimento and I are going to start. It involves focusing on specific things (including investigators) and has the goal of making every new missionary capable of training after two transfers. We also recieved personal DVD players for each companionship. We have DVDs for conference, most of the church-produced movies, and some PMG DVDs. I’m a little afraid, though, that some missionaries will take advantage of them… Oh well, we’ll see. We also had Cachupa (Cabo Verdian dish that was delicious).

We had a few things planned for Thursday, but at 14h, we recieved a call from Elder Bonini. We had to go down to Beira for Elder Nascimento’s visa… so we spent the rest of Thursday and most of Friday traveling down, waiting in line, and traveling back. Ugh.

Saturday we went a visited a few people.

Next Saturday, we are heading up to Tete, as part of our Zone Leader duties. The Banks’ (the couple here) will drive us up, but it’s still going to be a long journey (5 hours there and 5 hours back…)

I’m doing well, if a little stressed and out of sorts. I’m trying to help our zone be better missionaries, but I’m not entirely sure everyone wants to.. blegh. But we do what we can, and let them make their own decisions.

Mmk, love you all!

Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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