Week of September 26

Well, an interesting week (when hasn’t there been one :P).

Monday, I ended up sleeping for three and a half hours. I think I was sick… But afterwards, we had Family Home Evening at the church with the group. Unfortunately, no one showed up on time, and the first person showed up 45 minutes late! Belgh. But we watched Our Heavenly Father’s Plan. It’s an older movie made by the church, but a good one. I had never seen it. After watching it, we all talked about our favorite parts and how they apply to our lives. One of our investigators, Jessica, had some questions about it (she hasn’t learned about the Plan of Salvation yet :P) so she got some help form the members and some pamphlets to help. We’ll also talk to her when we get time :p

We didn’t actually do Internet until Tuesday, because everything was closed, and after internet, we went to a government building to get permission to hang the sign in front of the church building. They charge by the letter… 50 meticais per letter, and with the long church name, it was a bit expensive 😀 At 14h, the Banks couple came and picked up Elder Nascimento and me, and we headed down to Beira! That was a trip… It would be about a two, maybe two and a half hour trip with good roads. It took us four hours. There are
potholes EVERYWHERE. Blegh. But it had to be done.

On Wednesday, we had our Zone Leader’s Conference. It was good, but it shows me how much of a joke a lot of missionaries are taking this mission to be. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed. All in all, the mission is improving a lot, but it still has a long way to go. Afterwards, the Bonini’s (a couple from Brazil) took us out to lunch 😛 It was a good meal, although really oily. The worst part was that it was a bar-ish joint, and there were two TVs blasting. I didn’t have too hard of a time not looking at them, but I noticed the other tables and what was going on. There was a young mother with her 6-8 year old son, and she was completely ignoring him, watching the TV. There was another table of four, two men and two women. One of the men and one of the women weren’t paying attention to the conversation at the table, just watching the TV. Ugh. It was a little sad… After lunch, we went shopping for stuff for the houses in Chimoio. It took a while, but we got most everything on the list we needed. Back at the Bonini’s house, I took a shower 😛 It was nice to have hot water again… We ended back at the Beira 1 house to sleep for the night, until 6 the next morning when we would head back to Chimoio. This time, there were 4 extras in the house, but only three beds… So we laid in them shortways, so everyone had enough room. It was funny. Elder Gee slept completely in his missionary attire. Tie and all.

Thursday was pretty boring. We drove back, and I slept for a bit once we got back (I didn’t sleep very well). When I got back up, I cleaned the whole house again. It got dirty in two and a half days… 😕 That night, we went to go visit a few people, one of which was Raul. He’s super cool, and is the group mission leader here. He was at his barber shop, cutting hair, and we only talked for a few minutes. There was a man there waiting who was wearing a pair of La Sportiva lace ups! (Those are climbing shoes…) I wanted a picture with him, but didn’t want to ask… He looked super stylin’.

Friday was Zone conference. Wow. President talked about repentance. interesting, the Old Testament doesn’t really mention ‘repentance’ that much… or does it? In the old Testament the word repent (in some form) only shows up 46 times. There are two words that are very important in the Hebrew. One is SHV and the other is NHM. (Shuv and Naham). The first represents a turning from one thing to another, while the other represents a inward sigh, a change of mindset. Anytime in the Old testament where it mentions repentance, it is referencing NHM, which is a Hellenized (Greek) way of thinking. The originally Hebrew NHM is what we think of today as repentance, turning from sin and turning to God. Interestingly enough, NHM shows up more than 1000 times in the Old Testament! I think it’s important….

I also had a nice interview with President and have a few things I am trying to work on to help the elders…

I hit my year mark on Thursday, so I made banana bread on Friday. It was a big hit 😛

On Saturday, we had district meeting (not my job! woot). It went well. I cooked beans, which took a longer time than I wanted. Elder Nasccimento and I went to visit a bunch of people we haven’t seen for a while, and to invite them to church. We also had three lessons, one of which fell through.

Sunday was fun, and I learned a lot. I did some cool studies in 1 Nephi 😛 Alas, it was the last week of 2h hour church … 😛 but it will be good for the members to get into the organizations.

Ok, well that’s it for me. Love you all!

Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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