Week of August 19

So. Interesting week!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was still in Manga. We went and visited people including a few who were supposed to give talks on Sunday. They definitely needed some help. The only real interesting thing that happened was on Wednesday. We had a lesson with one of our investigators, Nelsia. She finally opened to us about some things in her life. When she was born, her mom left and she grew up with her dad. He was the only person who she could depend on, but when she turned 13, he died. She then went to live with her uncle. He died two years later. She is now living with her grandmother, who is in treatment for some disease (she didn’t tell me which) and is looking like her time is near the end. We had had a lesson on families and the importance of them in the Gospel when this all came to light. We started talking about how she can improve her relation with her family and how, in the future, she can make sure none of this happens to her kids, when her sister came running in. Nelsia left, and Elder Cannon and I went out to see what happened. We asked her grandmother, who mentioned something in passing about the sister’s ex husband and the kid. I didn’t know exactly what was going on, but I heard screaming, so I ran over to see what was going on. The father (ex husband) was trying to take his kid that he abandoned a couple of years ago. Long story short, he is a jerk and ended up leaving empty handed, but it took a lot of… work… from Nelsia and her sister. Nelsia was destroyed. Ugh. I felt so bad for her and there was nothing I could do to help. To top it all off, I left the next day and never got to see her again… I hope everything goes well with her.

So, Thursday, the Beira ZLs come and pick me up, we go get Elder Stewart, and head to the bus for Chimoio. 3 hours later, we get to Chimoio. And now we get to move the house… I thought they had done it the day before, but no. Not until then, so we got to help! wewt. We spent all day.

Friday (the only day I’ve studied since getting here…), we went to Shoprite to get some food before doing much else. I was hungry πŸ˜› The casal that is here, the Banks, went with Elder Nascimento and me to go see the Group Leader and have a meeting about this week. It was really funny, because Sister Banks doesn’t speak much Portuguese, and Elder Nascimento understands a lot of English, but doesn’t speak a lot (I think he does more then he lets on, but I don’t know yet). So, the whole trip was one big confusion for Elder Banks and me, and even ended with him translating for Sister Banks a phrase I already said in English πŸ˜› fun day. We had to break into the car though, because the keys got locked in. (Pic below). We then went with the Banks to buy a new stove and a washing machine for them. The washer has a really weird hookup, so they can’t use it still, on Tuesday lol. We’ll get them a new one today.

Saturday was pretty cool. Two young men (older than me πŸ˜• ) got baptized. I’ve heard a lot about them, and based on my impressions of them, I’m excited to work with them to keep them strong. For their baptism, the only place we could go was a river nearbyish. It’s near a prison, so the prisoners wanted to take a bath, but they waited until we were finished. It was a really cool experience, and I felt the Spirit there with us. Afterwards, we went home and I cleaned up a lot. I hate a messy house (even though my desk is a mess…) and so I made the kitchen my priority. It’s a lot better, but has some work left. There’s something about moving into a new house that just makes things harder to keep clean… Later that night, Elder Nascimento and I went to visit a few people, the first of which we went to see with Elder Banks. All in all, a good night, and I was glad to finally get some teaching done. We ran out of water that night…

Sunday was good, two hour church, but soon to be 3 hour and soon to be a branch πŸ˜› exciting. Still no water, so we went to the church to cook lunch afterwards. We went out to try to visit people that night, but it was a holiday, so no one was at home, and those who were were extremely drunk, so we had no luck.

Yesterday, we tried to get internet, but it was closed. So, we just went to Shoprite to get food. Elder Banks and Elder Nascimento and I went to get a few things for the new house, and when we got back I ate lunch and slept. For three and a half hours. I think I’m a little sick, but I have no Idea with what. It’s not bad, I’m just tired and am running a mild fever (not even 100). So, I will watch it and hope it passes. That night, we had family night with the group, and watched “Our Heavenly Father’s Plan”. It is a really old movie, but a good one. Unfortunately, no one showed up before 19, when we were supposed to
start at 18h… ugh.

So yea. that’s about it. Today, Elder Nascimento and I are headed to Beira (back already?) to go to Zone Leader’s Conference, and we’ll be back tomorrow afternoon late. We’ll have zone conference (district conference) with President Spendlove on Friday, and we as Zone leaders have to visit Maxixe and Tete once a transfer. So that’ll happen sometime this transfer. Don’t know when yet, but it will be fun. I’m a little sad at the lack of teaching that I have been able to do so far, but what can I do? I’m going to work with this house a bit to make it more… conducive… to missionary work. There’s a bit more
slacking around than I like.

But yea. Love you all!


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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