Week of August 5

So today is Pday! We switched around our schedule, and it seemed to work pretty well. Later this afternoon, we will be going to a watertower, I think, I hope.

So last Monday, we had some fun. In preparation for the cleaning checks that are going to start soon, my house and I decided to start doing some deep cleaning. We spent 5 hours after we got home cleaning, then spent a few hours burning all of the junky papers and stuff we don’t need. It’s really different without having a dump to take stuff to. There was a huge fire that we made, and I bought some gas to help um… facilitate the flame. It work well.

Afterwards, when I was trying to fix the toilet, I ended up breaking it… So we went a day without the toilet, and only just kind of fixed it the next day. I think we have what we need to fix it today, and I will try that, but honestly I have no idea. We taught three lessons, all of which were good. Laurinha, Sonia and Marguilo.

Tuesday was hectic… As I previously mentioned, I tried to fix the toilet a bit, but it is still leaking. Ha. Get it, leake-ing? I heard no end to that this week. 😕 We had two lessons that were… interesting today, as well as a meeting with Pres. Camalizene. One lesson was with a returned missionary who is being a terrible example and bad mouthing the presidency here. He just wants to be the branch president… the other was with an old member who has been inactive for a long time. I went to visit him before, but he never came to church. He randomly showed up, so we decided to talk to him a couple of times last week, but he seems dead set in his ways and won’t change… Urgh.

Wednesday was productive, although a bit annoying. We had zero lessons that we got to go to. Only two people marked with us, but neither were there, so we just did a lot of finding and reacts that day… I also found out about a secret combination that has been happening here… Urgh. Lots of stuff that needs to be fixed. I know with an assurance that the church is true. It wouldn’t still be functioning here if it wasn’t…

Thursday was not bad, we talked with a few people including Nelsia. We were going over the Restoration, talking about how God loves His children and won’t leave us without a way to return to Him, and she started crying a bit. I got freaked out, because I had never seen it before. It was a really good lesson, and she seems a lot more interested now than she was before (and she was interested before).

Friday, we had a division! I went with Elder Workman for the first part of the day, and then we switched, and I went with Elder Ruiz for the second half. I love the both of them. We didn’t get much “real” work done, but it felt good, and I had some really good conversations while we walked from area to area. I love Elder Workman 😛 We basically talked about life for a few hours. Twas good.

Saturday, I spent all day at the church. We cleaned the church at 8, but I was there at 7 to try to figure out why there was water leaking. Pres. Camalizene and I crawled up in the attic above the church, and found a big tank of water that is leaking… urgh. We also went on to the roof and found some more stagnant water that is leaking. So we are going to have to do something about that, although I have no idea what yet. We had a branch counsel right after, but almost no leaders were there, though Pres. Camalizene invited all of the jovens that were in the building… UGH. The leaders complain about so many things, but when it comes time for them to help out and change, they don’t show up and don’t do anything. We taught English, waited for correlation, which never happened, and I had my meeting with President Camalizene. So much stuff I still have to do!

Sunday went pretty well, although it was weird to see so many white people. Irmao Joao, from Care for Life (a group started by the last president of the mission, President Packard, to help people understand more about how to be healthy and build families) and Sister Packard (the wife of President Packard) and a journalist from Deseret news named Elizabeth. I had to translate for the journalist during Relief Society. That was difficult. Mostly because Mozambiquan cultural way of talking is to say the same thing about 5 times in a row, changing it just a bit every time you say it. So there were a lot of pauses… But it went well-ish.

And that brings us to today. Oh, I’ve been having some problems with my knee, and so I called Elder Russell, the mission “doctor.” He was a vet, but he knows more than enough to give us a good idea of what we should do to fix 99% of our problems. He told me that my problem is a combination of my shoes sucking and working too much. So I’ve had to start wearing my running shoes while I’m out tracting… I feel like a dweeb. But I hope it’ll get better. If not, Elder Russell said I might have to take a week of bed rest. That would be stupid. Ugh. So I’m probably going to have to cut back on my work a bit this week. Meh.

So yea. I love you all, Say Hi to your mother for me!

Elder A. Spencer Leake

Biera Chapel

President Camalizene in the attic of the chapel

Say hello to my little friend!

Proselytizing in sneakers!


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