Week of August 29

Dear People I Know,

It’s been so busy! First big news, I never actually sent an email for last week! Let me hit the high points over the last couple of weeks. 🙂

Mon, 8/22 we went to visit two of our investigators after our P-Day. We had talked to them the day before at church, so this was just a quick get together to see how they are.

For Conner’s birthday on Tue, 8/23, we got some work done as a companionship. We visited a lot of people, and talked about a lot of different things, ranging from obedience to why some of the members were baptized and how they can keep the covenants they made. What a treat for everyone!

Wed, 8/24 was also a pretty busy day. Today, while we were teaching a new investigator, we ran into the Group Leader from Chimoio! As it turns out, he is the uncle of the investigator we are teaching. We’re kind of excited about that.

Thursday, 8/25 was a good day. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it turned out really well! We met a drunk guy on the road, and this was our conversation:
Him: Good afternoon
Me: Good afternoon, how are you?
Him: I don’t know, thanks. Bye!
Me: Erm… bye? End quote.

We also talked with Notício, one of our Jovem investigators, and told him we would only sit with him if we could teach his family.

Fri, 8/26 was the last day of the week for most of Mozambiqe, so there were a lot of drunk people all day. It was better than last week, though. I, of course, was nonplussed. 😀

Sat, 8/27, we all went to the church for a baptism. We brought the zone leaders to help set up. We worked until about 9:50am, trying to get the water filled up, but it wasn’t working. So we ended up using a hose from outside to try to get it ready in time! It was still taking a long time, and by the time the baptism started, it still wasn’t ready. But it was close enough (or so we thought) when they went to perform the baptism. It was almost filled, and they tried really hard to baptize the young woman, but it was to no avail. There just wasn’t enough water, but we had to get it done. We got it filled up by about 11:00. LOTS of people said they were going to show up for our classes/lessons at the church, but they didn’t. So we studied a lot and help other people at the church. 🙂

Sun, 8/28 church was interesting because there was a lot of apostasy in the building. There were a couple of people who were talking about things on the pulpit that were blatantly not true. We ended up having to go into the classes to clear up the false doctrine! While the people were talking about what they were, I waited to see if President Camalizene was going to stop them. Eventually, I had to say something to him, so that he would stop them from talking. It was a long day of trying to fix everything.

Mon, 8/29 we all came back down to Beira to email again! I didn’t email a lot, but still got a lot done! We did, however, have lunch at the Bulha (mall, and the closest thing to America I have seen here. But it’s not). Yum! At this point we all decided that it was time to go get our shopping done and go home. A) We needed food for the week and B) we still had to clean a little bit in the house. Mission FTW!

Tue, 8/30 was Christopher’s birthday! I had a fast for one of our investigators, Laurinha. She has finished learning with us, but still doesn’t have a testimony, so unless she gets one, she won’t be baptized (lots of already baptized people like this in the church here…) Good day though!

Wed, 8/31 we went to the house of the guy who hit Elder Cannon. He still didn’t have the bike. Elder Cannon and President Camalizene and I ran to his house and the church a lot both days, but he still doesn’t have our new bike. He said he should have it soon though.

Thu, 9/1 we had a District leader’s conference. Yay! We talked about our investigators, the branches, and the missionaries’ houses. We talked about focusing more on families and supporting the branches (it needs to be done)! We got everyone on board with what we’re going to do and then headed home. I’m so glad that we are taking this turn and decided to do this. Now we just have to teach better the members that we already have and find new families to strengthen the church. Phew!

We had district meeting and did some house cleaning and other projects on Fri & Sat (including a meeting with President Camalizene about what we are trying to do as missionaries to help the branch. He is a champion).

Sun, 9/5 we had church. There were a lot of people who bore their testimony! Govinho bore his testimony for a long time (10 minutes? 15?). The presidency of the branch (me included) stayed after to do tithing and start the new way of doing stats. We had a lot of tithing, and a lot of lists to get weekly stats off of. It was nice being able to see that people might be starting to get the right idea about how to receive blessings. Then we looked at all of the people who showed up, and tried to figure out who had the priesthood and stuff, to start doing our trimestral stats better (they’ve been GUESSING).

Tomorrow is Tuesday, so no school, but lots of work. I believe there will be a long day of finding people people though :D. Next weekend we’re going to do a division with the zone leaders. We’ll be together for half the day, then switch.

I’m putting some letters together this week to get into the mail, so if there’s any last minute requests, let me know! I’ll detail out who I sent them to in my next email to you.

Hugs & kisses,
Elder A. Spencer Leake

Putting the hose through the window to fill the baptismal font

I think I wear my watch a lot...


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