Week of August 15


Another week in Mozambique, not much to say. We had Zone conference this week, and a ‘training’ from the APs yesterday.

President talked about a few things, one of which being about how the mission here is no different than any other, and we need to stop thinking it is. The mission vibe is one of relaxed nonchalance, and this needs to stop. When you think something long enough, it becomes part of your mentality. The mission thought this way for so long, that it has become the norm. And it needs to stop. So we are working to shift the paradigm here, as missionaries. He also gave us a nice presentation on faith. It’s always awesome to get to pick President’s brain, and this was a specifically good one. He gave us a lot of mind blowing bits of info, that help us to understand what is faith. (I recommend to anyone to read the Discourses on Faith. They are amazing).

The week passed normally, Elder Cannon and I are working on a bunch of reacts and how we can be more efficient as missionaries. Yesterday, the Assistants gave us a nice recompilation on what the last several trainings have been, and how we can apply it a little bit better. We then got to go out and work on it a bit, with one of our reacts, Manuel. He seemed super fired up after we left, and I’m super excited about the new way to teach and help. We have to show motivation. No one does ANYTHING unless they think it will benefit them in some way. So we need to show the benefits. And invite them to do it. Saturday, we had a Service project with all of the manga zone (half of the district here). We were going to go clean a hospital, but that fell through, so we went to a market and cleaned out a gutter that has been clogged for years. We basically just cleaned up poop all day. But it was a success, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I also did some electrical work this week 😛 One of our breakers blew, so I fixed it. Fun fun.

So there’s a few pics (not sure which) and I have more, but we are at China, and it sucks. So no more than what I have.

Love you all!!

Elder A. Spencer Leake

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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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