This week in Manga

This week was pretty short (since we emailed last Tuesday), and there’s not a lot to recount. But Monday night, we had an activity with the youth, where we tied balloons to everyone’s ankles and had them try to pop each other’s balloons without losing their own. We related it to the gospel somehow, but I forgot how 😛 Wednesday we walked with a member, a branch missionary, named Rafael. He’s super cool, but I realized how huge our area is. With him, we only got in two lessons. Without him, we can get in up to eight in a day. But the lessons we had were awesome, and he helped a lot. Thursday we went to visit a youth who has been coming to church the last few weeks (he’s 13) and wants to start learning with us. It was a good lesson, but he has no members in his family, and so we won’t be able to baptize him unless we start to teach his family. So we’re going to try to get in good with his family, but it will take time. One of our investigators, an old man named Santos, is a cook, and so we talked this week about paying him one P-Day to make food for us. We went on Wednesday to leave a note, since he usually isn’t home, but we found him there. He smelled super drunk (and Elder McCulloch told me he always smells it on him when we visit), but he denied drinking. He doesn’t have any of the signs of drinking, he never forgets anything, he doesn’t have the inhibitions that a drunk man would, but he still smell like it. Elder DelGado suggested that maybe he uses it as cologne, which is certainly possible, but we don’t know yet. So we’ll find out about that… I hope it’s just cologne. He’s an awesome person, and the only thing keeping him from baptism right now is marriage. He’s already married, or so he says, but is waiting on the certificate from his old church.

Friday, We went and visited Paula, who is still having a bit of trouble with the tobacco. She is trying to give it up, but it’s really hard. So we shared a story with her about King Lamoni’s father, and what he was willing to give up for the gospel. We talked about relying on the Lord, and giving up our vices so He can help us. In our district meeting, we watch “On the Lord’s Errand,” the film about President Monson’s life. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Then we went and taught some of our other investigators, though we got denied by the rain. When it rains here, it lakes. That’s just like puddling, except the puddles are usually one to three feet deep, and go on for forty feet or more. It’s super hard to get places, even on a bike. And the water here is full of nastiness you don’t want.

Saturday and Sunday, we got to watch conference (finally!). It was super good. I especially liked Elder Bednar’s talk in the Sunday morning session, and President Packer’s talk in the Saturday afternoon session. It was really cool to hear Elder Scott’s talk, too, because he translates and dictates it for us himself, no translator. So it’s super cool to hear him speak directly to us (even if he has a pretty wicked accent, because he learned Spanish). Saturday morning, we also culimared. We ‘cut’ the grass in front of one of our member’s house. This means we took hoes and dug down a few inches for the entire area. Elder McCulloch and I had a hard time staying awake during Saturday sessions of conference.

So yea. That’s about it.

Love ya’ll!

Elder A. Spencer Leake


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