Erm. It’s not technically Nampula anymore…

So it’s been a really busy week.

The first part of last week started out like normal, Elder Young and I
doing our work. Friday, the APs came up to give us a training, and to
walk with us. Friday was also transfers. I’m headed down to Beira.
Manga 1, as the District Leader. Can’t say I’m super stoked about the
DL, but we go where the Lord wants, right? Elder McCullouch is my new
companion. I’m looking forward to it, but I was hoping for one more
transfer up here in Nampula. It’s also going to be hard, because I
JUST got home from Luaha, and now I have to go home and pack and
probably leave tonight at 3ish for the bus to Beira. No time to say
goodbye to anyone, no real time to pack. I’m actually in Nampula as of
right now, but hopefully I’ll be in Beira for my next email!

Luaha: Awesome. This trip was a lot of fun, just like last time, and I
definitely learned a lot of stuff while I was there. I went with Elder
Harbison. We left Saturday morning, like last time, but this time we
totally made the second class πŸ˜› It was a much better ride. We got to
Iapala, and headed out to Luaha on the motorcycles, arriving at the
chapel a little before noon. We talked with Lucas a bit, and then we
rested. We had a quick training that night on how to run a Branch a
little more smoothly, instead of a group, which is what they were up
until a few months ago. We also got them started on trying to get a
Branch council going every week. When we were talking with them about
the council, it was cool to see how much faith they really have. We
told them about the Branch council, and they started it up the next
day as if it was the only possible thing to do. They accept what we
ask them to do as the truth, and act on it. I’ve noticed this in
Mozambique a lot, but it stands out more to me in Luaha than anywhere

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting, which went over really well. I
was incredibly impressed by the spirit that was in the room with us as
we heard these simple peoples’ testimonies. I couldn’t understand a
word of what they said. But I could hear their conviction and the
spirit they brought into the room. Elder Harbison and I also gave
short talks at the end; he talked about prayer and I talked about
fasting. Afterwards, I went with the Relief Society and helped teach.
I really just answered questions they had, about baptism and part
member families. But near the end, they asked for a quick ten minutes
lesson. I asked them a simple question to start. ‘Where were we before
this life, why are we here, and where are we going after this life?’
It was a little surprising, but not too much, that none of these
member could answer the question. So we had our 45 minutes lesson…
on the Plan of Salvation. It went over well, and we had a great time,
those women and my translator, Augostinho, and I. The rest of the day
Sunday we rested and answered some questions.

Monday, we climbed the mountain. Awesome. I have a ten minute video of
our descent, which was crazy. Lots of fun, but tired us out. Later, we
helped some of the members learn some more hymns. They only knew one
sacrament hymn, so we taught them three more. Elder Harbison brought
Uno with him, and we totally played with a lot of the members there.
It became our nighttime ritual while we were up there. After Uno, we
went and looked at the stars for a while. They were amazing. No moon,
so we could see the whole Milky Way, and there was heat lightning on
the horizon all the way around us. Happened three nights while we were
there… It was so beautiful and sooo surreal.

Tuesday, we went out to Costelo’s (the first counselor in the branch
presidency) Machamba. A machamba is a farm. But more haphazard, and
they grow stuff constantly. We walked about 8 miles, picked corn for 20
minutes, then walked back. 3.5 hours of walking for a sack of corn
(well, milho, which is dried corn they use for flour). Elder Harbison
and I both burned the backs of our necks (first time it’s seen the sun
for that long in a long, long time!). They sang songs for us that
night, and we went to sleep.

Not much happened today, but my allergies have been killing me… some
allerclear would be nice in my next package πŸ˜›

Love you all! Talk to you on Monday.

Elder A. Spencer Leake

Oh yea. And I totally hit my 6 month mark. So we burned stuff.

Burning stuff!

We are "swol"

The Plan of Salvation

A wasp we killed in Luaha

Augostinho with his "hand" in Luaha


From the mountain!



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