This Week in Nampula

So I am totally lazy and stole some of this week from my email to dad.

After I emailed you last week, Elder Young and I went to Shoprite, and then booked it home, because he wasn’t feeling well. I totally gave him whatever I had. But he got it worse, though he got over it faster. So we pretty much didn’t do anything until Wednesday, and even then it was a short day. But, we are better now 😛 And yay, back to work! This week was a short one, but we had a good time.

In my new area, finding people is a lot less of a priority, because we have pretty much the entire Branch Presidencies in our area. One family has a member in the Elder’s Quorum, The Relief Society, the Young Women, the Young Men, and three other kids in Primary. So we go and visit them once or twice a week to help strengthen them and help them with everything the need. But even though we aren’t focusing on investigators, it still is important. We had 11 show up this week! And it would have been more, but on of our investigator families’ mother and daughter was sick, so the family of 6 only had two come yesterday. We also had these two random guys show up that Elder Young (my companion) talked to in passing a few weeks ago. We talk to a lot of people who want pamphlets or copies of the Book of Mormon, but because a lot of people just go and sell them, we tell them to come to church first, and then we can give them stuff. So we tell a lot of people to show up, and few of them do (if any) when we talk to them in passing. But they showed up! It was cool. We couldn’t make it to their house last night, but one of our members says he know where they live. SO hopefully we can find them 🙂

The language is coming great, I am definitely getting to the point where I can share my feelings and what I want… about the Gospel… It’s a lot harder to try and say stuff about other things, because it’s not the focus on my language study. But it’s working well enough. I teach English class once a week, still (we added a second class during the week, so two duplas teach a week now, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday), and another class or two once a month, which help with my language, but it’s still hard. For the most part I can understand everything that people say now, and respond, when we are talking about the Gospel, but outside of that, I lose my way often enough.

My companion and I are getting along really well. He and I served for a week a couple of weeks ago when his companion and mine went out to Luaha. So I already know him pretty well, and we get along great (we’re both dorks). Elder Young and I get along great, and he tells me bedtime stories 😛

We went to see the band practice of one of our members, Filipe, who is ridiculously good at the guitar. He was actually in a band (voted the best in Mozambique) that toured in Europe. But his manager screwed him, and now he lives in a shack in the middle of nowhere. He and his family are champions, and I love going to see them. He has promised to give me his CD when I get home… but he won’t give me it yet… I suppose it’s for the best.

So this week I head out to Luaha. w00t! I leave on Saturday, and should come back Wednesday. So I won’t be able to check my email until next Wednesday at the earliest, but likely it won’t be until Thursday. I’m super excited though, and will have pictures for everyone!

Love you all!

Elder A. Spencer Leake

The warrior before the battle

I go to war against the coconut tree in the yard

A ridiculously used cymbal at Filipe's practice

Cactus tree!

Huge cloud

I'm African!


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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