So this week was transfers! I am staying in Nampula, but moving to a different area, and will be companioned with Elder Young! w00t.

This week was a lot of fun. Elder Hill and I have started our new schedule, even though now I won’t be able to use it, because I’m switching companions, but it’s cool anyway.

Tuesday was kind of ridiculous, we had a lot of people to go see. We went to see Neninha, who came to church for the first time last week, with the prodding of Soares. She is a champ, and has all the right questions, and knows a lot already. She is eager to keep learning and reading, and she is doing well! Next, we visited Alex, but he was sick, so we marked for Thursday instead. So we talked to Gervacio, and we talked about this life, and why it is so important to us, and where we will head after this life (the end of the second lesson). Headed over to Marlene’s house, and taught her about The Law of Chastity. But, we realized we left the 10 commandments with her, so we talked about that instead. Then we headed over to Inacia and Valeriano’s, and basically told them what’s up. They’ve been through a few sets of missionaries now, and haven’t really done anything. They definitely want to learn, but they aren’t making any personal progress. We told them that if they don’t start doing anything to help themselves, we won’t be able to come back. We left them with an investigator progress report a couple of weeks ago, so that they can see what it is they need to be working on so that we con help them more. We were going to head over to Ofelia and Abel’s after, but we ran out of time.

Wednesday, we had our Aula de Ingles, to help anyone who wants it to learn English, and I taught the more experienced group again. Ze and Gervacio, two of our investigators were there with me. We talked about asking questions of people, and how to get to know someone. Basically, I told them I wanted to know certain things about each of them, and let them just talk in English until they figured it out. Then I answered some questions, and gave them homework: Only talk in English with the missionaries. Bwahahahahahahaha! Erm.. I mean, how nice for them to have the opportunity to speak in English! We then went over to Cremildo’s house, one of the members, to see if we could talk to his family a bit. When we got there, we saw a huge crowd of people, and found out that Cremildo’s Grandfather died. We sat until everyone left, and then talked with Cremildo a bit. He was really broken up, and we told him we were there for anything he needed, including with the Funeral. We went home a little early, because we didn’t have time to go find people, and we felt awful after the mourning service.

Thursday was amazing. We did our normal weekly planning, then we went and found Carmona, a member (Ze’s brother), and went to our visits. We went and talked to Neninha again, this time about the Book of Mormon, and left a copy with her. She was super excited to have it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all she reads for the next few weeks. We went to visit Alex, and talked to him about the second lesson again, because it had been a while since we talked to him. He was still sick, but seemed to be getting better. Next we went to Marlene’s, and threw down the Law of Chastity. Yea, always awkward. But it’s good, so that she can form good relationships with people, and not have problems later in life… Afterwards, Marlene took us to one of her friend’s houses, a man(boy? its so hard to tell here. Everyone looks about 10 years older than they are, and the average age and max age is a LOT less than in the states) named Gervecio. We were going to just meet him and talk a little bit, but he and his whole family ended up being there, and asked some nice questions. So, we ended up throwing out the first lesson, our message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was pretty sweet, and Marlene threw down an awesome testimony and I was super happy for her. We ended at Marcelina’s house, and talked about The Word of Wisdom. I, again, tried to take her little kid, Shaquile, but he wouldn’t calm down that night, and ended up making a huge scene. Oh well. All through this day, Carmona threw down with some amazing testimonies and teaching skills. He is a champion.

Friday, we went to visit Octavio, a friend of Ze’s, and talked about the message of the Restoration with him. It was a good lesson, and he seemed super interested. We then headed over to Ze’s, and on the way, I bought a capalana, which is pretty much just a sheet of cloth. It has some cool designs on it, and is a little sturdier than a normal piece of, say, cotton. It is pretty much the Mozambiquan woman’s wardrobe. Skirt, dress, top, shawl, and baby carrier. Anyway, I took them to Ze’s house, because his Uncle (or brother, not sure) is a tailor. He is going to make me some pants and a shirt πŸ˜› Yay African clothes. I should have pictures next week of them. We talked to Ze about his reading, and read a little bit of 1 Nephi with him. We left him with some more to read, and headed out. He came with us to our next appointment, with Albino. It’s hard for us to know what to talk to him about. He is coming to Church, and doing the things he is supposed to, but he and his wife are still having problems with the alcoholic beverage they make. They depend on it, and it’s hard for them to switch to a different way of making money. But Albino seemed super happy and even looked younger than he usually did, so something is changing in his life!

Saturday, we had our usual meetings at the church, and I taught the Seminary class. We talked about Lehi’s vision, and I think it went over well. Afterward, we played some ‘Do You Love Your Neighbor’ with the Jovens for Mutual night. Pretty much amazing. But I broke a chair…

Sunday, we had 9 people show up to church! It was so cool to see all of them there. We went to visit Gervecio, Marlene’s friend, after, and encountered Marlene’s Unlce there too. So, we went and visited his house, and set a time later this week to come back and talk some more.
All in all, a good week!

So, a couple of things more.

A: Chuck Norris could win 8NT. (Bridge nerds yay!) Several people in this house are playing, and one of them (Elder Young) is actually getting pretty good. We can totally bid a real hand now and make it πŸ˜›

B: The Assistants didn’t come up this week, so no dice on the packages. Pretty much Nampula is the worst for packages. Looks like I won’t get them until next month when our new house member shows up. Blegh. But I know I have at least two of my packages, I got confirmation from the distribution Elders down in Maputo.

Love ya all!

Elder A. Spencer Leake


Mutant Banana!

Redskins backpack! (Elder Hill and I found four. And bought them all.)

Me and Shaquile

Manwich for a Man!

Erm. Handwich?

Totally playing soccer in my tracting clothes (We used to play on saturdays, but president said we can only do it now if we are in our tracting clothes...)

Us playing "Do You Love Your Neighbor"!

More of us playing "Do You Love Your Neighbor"!


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