Week of February 7, 2011

It rained this week. All week. Yesterday was the first time I had seen the sun in 6 days…

So. This week has been interesting! It pretty much started out the same, but we picked up a few new investigators, and Elder Hill and I are thinking about changing our schedule. Our schedule, right now, is organized so that we are not outside during the hottest parts of the day (noon here, because the sun comes up at 5 in the morning), which while nice, ends up wasting about an hour and a half or two hours of our day. So we are trying to rearrange our days so that we can have more time to find and to teach people. We’ll see how it goes. Also, Elder Hill and I got a gym membership here in Nampula and have started going every week. It’s pretty awesome. I feel better throughout the day, and find that I have more energy. (And I finally stopped losing weight. I was down to 179, the lowest I’ve been in more than four years.)

This week, we had Gervacio, a friend of one of our other investigators, Alex, start to take the lessons with us. He is super smart, and has some wonderful questions about our life here on earth, and what we are supposed to do while we are here. So we began to teach him the Plan of Salvation, and he seemed to take to it well. He didn’t make it to church, but he told us it was because he was studying. Soares, one of the members who was walking with us, told him a cool story about how we should put our Heavenly Father first, and He will put us first, and will bless us in our lives.

Marlene, our champion of an investigator, has a baptismal date! She, as of now, will be baptized on the 12th of March (The day before Elder Hill’s birthday)! We are super excited, and she is too. We taught her a little bit this week about the baptismal covenants that we make, and why they are so important, and what they mean for us in the long run. She is still coming to church, and she (I think) is starting to go out on visits with the other moças.

Marcelina, Faizal’s mom, also has a baptismal date! She will be baptized on the 16th of April. We gave her a date a little further out, because she needs a bit more time, and because of her work schedule. She works 24 hour shifts, and so we can’t teach her as much as we would like. She was going to come to church yesterday (she took off work for it!), but because of the rain, she was afraid that one of the walls to her yard was going to fall over, so she spent the morning putting dirt back up where it should be, so that the wall won’t fall… I’m sorry that she had to do that and miss church, but it was important.

We also talked with Zê this week, who is the brother of the Elder’s quorum secretary, Carmona. He is also ridiculously smart, and he had some amazing, thoughtful, questions that were a pleasure to answer. We had two wonderful lessons with him, and he has come to every activity that we have at the church. He lives out with Carmona, about a 45 minute walk from the church, but he comes in to town and we meet him at his dad’s house when we have lessons, so that we don’t have to traipse all the way out into the middle of nowhere. (Although it is amazingly beautiful there. Very green, no trash, and a nice view)

We walked with Soares a couple of times this week, and he is a champion. He really cares about the people we go and teach, and some of them are even his friends or neighbors, so he already knows them and their needs. He is so much fun to talk with, and is always helping me with my Portuguese. Also, he makes these sick bracelets, and I’m totally having him make me some.

So, the assistants to the President are coming up to Nampula this week (on Thursday) and they should have some of my packages, so next week I will let you know which I have, and how much I like them 😛

Also, it looks like I won’t ever be going to Angola. The mission is now receiving specific calls to Angola, so they won’t be sending any of us.

Love you all!

– Elder A. Spencer Leake

I'm sick. Sucks.

Where's the peanut? The cinderblocks here are made with pretty much anything...

Mud puddle this week during the rain.





















Shaquile, a son of Marcelina, and me, playing last night









Some random women who wanted a picture with us.


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