Week of January 3

So a typical week is weird. We just started a new transfer (6 weeks) today, so my old planner is at the house, and it’s super hard to remember what happens week to week. But, I will try 😛

Monday (Preparation day):
Wake up usually go play soccer then do e-mail, head over to the grocery store for food for the week. Study for a bit once we’re at home, then basically chillax until 1800. Then we either have dinner with Maxx (one of the Filipinos, who is a member) and his house-mates(who are not members). We haven’t been teaching them much recently(with the holidays), but I am pushing to make sure we do every time we go. If we don’t go over to Maxx’s, we head out to meet some of our investigators or members.

Pretty much the same, with a few differences:
Wake up at 600, work out for a bit, eat breakfast, shower, get ready. 800, start personal study, for an hour. I usually use Pregar Meu Evangelho (Preach my Gospel) in combination with the Scriptures. 900, Companion study. We relate what we learned in our person study, then prepare for what our investigators need(or members) for that day. Usually we talk about what they need to learn the most, and how we can best communicate that idea to them. 1000, Language study. I haven’t been doing great with this, and need to start doing better. Usually I work on trying to translate English into Portuguese, because that is what I need the most help with when I am trying to talk. 1100-1200 is prep for lunch, so whoever isn’t cooking usually cleans or studies more. 1300, we’re out of the house. Usually we have investigators to teach or members to help, but sometimes (very rarely now), we just go and contact people. Wednesdays, we have English class that we teach at the church, and sometimes there is a random extra activity that the building needs to be opened for. We teach until 2100(at the latest) and are home by 2130. Cleaning, getting ready for the next day, then bed at 2230 (or earlier if I’m exhausted, which happens pretty often).

Study the same, but after lunch, we are at the church pretty much all day. There are a few classes for the youth, and then mutual night as well. Then we head off to meet and teach Sister Mila, one of the Filipino teachers and a member, who feeds us and we have a quick lesson with her.

Church starts at 900, so we are there by about 815ish. Goes until 1100ish, then we go home to eat, at back at the church at 1430 for the Mission prep class at 1500. Then there’s another class, taught by the branch mission leader about missionary work in our area, and then we go and teach some more at about 1800. until 2100ish.

That’s about it, schedule doesn’t really change that much day to day, only where we are and who we teach.

So this week was interesting, we met some more people, and traveled to a new area in our area. We started talking with Albino, Valgy, and Maria de Fatima. Valgy left for Maputo, where he lives, so we only had the one lesson with him, but we hope that he will continue to investigate when he gets back down there. Albino had to work most of the week, so both of our lessons got cancelled, but he showed up to church again! Maria de Fatima is in desperate need of help, and she came to us for it. Her husband and mother both died earlier this year, and she has been taking consolation in drinking. She wants to stop and is truly interested in the helping message of the Gospel, and so we taught her twice this week. She didn’t show up to church, so I was sad, but we will go and see if she needs anything else this week, and continue to teach her as best we can. Ofelia and Abel, and Inacia and Valeriano are both having troubles coming to church. In the 6 weeks I’ve been here now, They haven’t come once. Valeriano is a champion, and wants to come, but he and Inacia are having some personal difficulties, so we are currently trying to help them with that. Marlene is continuing to come to church, and is starting to get more active in the extra activities (English class, Saturday activities, etc.) and is progressing like a champion. Alex didn’t make it to church this week, but he is doing well also. Marcelina also didn’t make it to church, but she had to work and was wicked tired (barely could walk when we visited her last night). She still seems interested, and wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie last night, but the power went out, so we jst talked for a little while. We are going to go watch it tonight I think.

That’s about it for our teaching right now, but church this week was incredible. Two weeks ago, we only had 44 people show up. This week, we had over 80! The message of the Gospel continues to be heard and felt and accepted, and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to church every week, so that the members may be edified, and the investigators can feel the Spirit and feel the joy and camaraderie that the members enjoy.

This week we also went walking with Soares, one of the youth (pics included, who is a champ), and talked to Moises. Moises used to be super active, when he lived in Beira, but he moved up here and kind of fell off a bit. So we are trying to get him more excited, because he wanted to serve a mission, and he knows how happy he was, and can be. So there’s definitely still hope 😛

I was a bit sick this week, but am doing better now. It rained a bunch one day, so one of the pics is what used to be the path we were traveling one. Literally a river. Transfers were this week, so Elder Gee is leaving, and we are getting a new missionary (Elder Cluff) probably on Thursday.

I love you all and thank you all for your unceasing support,
Elder A. Spencer Leake

Path BEFORE rain

Path AFTER rain


Menu (bad English no extra)

Elder Leake and Soares



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