Christmas Update

This week has been interesting. Last week, I was writing, and lost all of my email as I tried to send some pictures. This week, there will be no pictures -_- This computer doesn’t have a way to read my card, and I left my camera cord at home… so I guess next week then…

Well, this week has been odd. Christmas doesn’t seem like Christmas here. The people don’t really celebrate it, except that they get a day off. It’s hard to get in the spirit of the season, with the caroling and the joyous gatherings when its 98 degrees outside. It didn’t help that my companion got sick 😦 But he’s doing better, and we were all grateful to be able to do anything to celebrate the season. Here in Nampula, there is a group of Filipinos, who teach at an English school here. The kids that go to this school are all the rich ones, so the Filipinos are pretty well off. Two of them are members, and they have us over twice a week, which is super awesome, and we get to know them a lot and to help as much as we can with whatever they might need. (we’re going back for New year’s :P)

I don’t have a terrible amount of time, things aren’t working my way today, but I just wanted to say how nice it was to be able to talk to my family, and to have new additions to it (Katie and Jared’s beautiful baby girl, Libbie!), which I got to see. While I can’t feel what this season means back home, more than ever I am grateful for all of my family and for all that they do for me. I have always been decently close with all of them, but by being far away I realize how much I treasure them and miss them. I want you all to know that I have
a testimony of our Savior’s atoning sacrifice, and that through it, we can all be clean, that we may one day return to live with our families forever. I am so grateful for the plan of our loving Heavenly Father, for the chance to come here, to choose, and to be guided by Him, through promptings and through a living prophet.

Tenho saudades por todos do vocês, mas eu estou grato por todos que vocês estão fazendo para mim. Eu sei, com toda da minha coração, que Jesus Cristo é nosso Salvador e Redentor, e somente através do caminho certo do Cristo, podemos voltar ao nosso Pai nos céus. Eu espero que vocês tivem rememberado todos disso, e eu amo todos de vocês. Eu oro para vocês, e lembro-me vocês sempre.

Com muita amor,

Elder A. Spencer Leake


About Spencer Leake

Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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