Getting Settled In

Congrats to Katie and Jared on their new baby Libbie! So happy to hear it.

The weather in Nampula is hot. We don’t have a thermometer, but let’s put it this way: there’s never a time where I’m not sweating. I shower, I get out and sweat, until I go into our room to sleep at night, where we actually have AC. BUT, because we just moved to a new house (because during the previous transfer the elders’ house got robbed twice), we all sleep in one room right now (six of us…) in two beds, and three mattresses on the floor. Fun, and I definitely know my district better now… 😛 But I think we finally have the AC in the other rooms now, so each companionship will have their own room. Speaking of companions, Elder Hill and Gee went to Luaha, a little podunk village about 250km from here, to teach and baptize for a few days. They should be back tomorrow, I think. So with them gone, I’ve been companioned with Elder Lopes, who speaks little English. And I speak little Portuguese! So it’s fun to try and talk when it’s just the two of us. But I can definitely tell the days when I am trying hard to learn and speak as much as I can versus those when I don’t. There is a BIG difference. But yea, it’s hot. Unless it’s raining, and then I’m just super soaked. (I have a picture of this, and videos of kids playing in the rain, but I can’t send it this week. Next week, hopefully!)

It rained on men!

I’m doing wonderfully, it’s just been hard, with the move in and the other Elders going to Luaha, we haven’t been able to get much actual work done, but we are close to having our house in order, and then we can get to WORK.

OH. And apparently I’m in the Christmas play here… I had no idea until after the meeting. I’m a shepherd… Elder Lopes is the Angel Gabriel 😛

Love you all, miss you lots,
Elder A. Spencer Leake

First pics from Nampula!

One view of Nampula

Another view of Nampula

Clouds or mountains?


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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