First Post From Nampula

I’m jealous about the snow! Kinda. Snow made me late, but it is definitely better than the hot I feel here… It’s always hot. We have AC in our bedrooms, but that’s about it. Right now, in Nampula, we have a new house (new for us, not for the house) and it is missing AC in two of the bedrooms. So there are 5 of us (soon to be 6) rooming in an area meant for one or two. It’s fun, but I sweat ALL the time. My companion is Elder Hill, he’s been out for about a year and a half, and is pretty awesome. He serves in the Branch Presidency here in Nampula.

So. In case you didn’t know, here’s what happened: We left the MTC on Monday, about 5 AM. We got to the airport and made our flight. Dallas: I got to call my mom, and tried to set up a time to call the rest of my family the next day, from London, with a calling card I had picked up in the airport. Got to Heathrow, card doesn’t work… -_- oh well. We met four elders coming back from Mozambique, and one of them was able to sit with us for a few hours and talk about Mozambique and stuff… Elder DePew, from Canada. We got on the plane to go to South Africa, and waited for four hours to leave… the plane needed to be deiced, and the airport only had 3 deicers running… so we missed our flight in SA when we showed up. That was an ordeal. It took us several hours to get it all sorted out, and even when we did, we found out that the mission home had no idea that one of our elders, Elder Stewart, was coming with us… so another hour or so to get us all on one flight instead of two… Exhausting. Finally got to Maputo, in Mozambique, and met President and Sister Spendlove, who are ridiculously awesome. Spent the next two days (Thursday and Friday) getting paperwork done so that I’m legal here… Flew out Friday night to Nampula. One of two (besides Angola) areas that we get to fly to instead of take a bus. It would be a 30 hour bus ride up here from Maputo, on a good day… Got here, and met my compaion and housemates, Elders Hill, Young, Gee, and Lopes. Elder Lopes is from Cabo Verde and doesn’t speak much English, which is good and bad for me… Helped clean the ‘church’ on Saturday, met some members and went home. The building is a rented warehouse essentially, and gets really hot in the sun. Church is only two hours, because we have a small branch, maybe 60 members. We held a missionary prep class and then went to visit an investigator family before we went and had dinner at a Filipino house. The Filipinos all speak English, no Portuguese, and they are relatively wealthy because they teach in the English school here, which is essentially a private school that the Muslims send their kids to. (The difference in money is weird here. Most people can’t afford cars (including us) so we take chapas, 11 passenger vans that they cram up to 23 into, but some people have nice cars. I saw an Audi TT on the way here, I’ve seen some Benzes and other really nice cars.) So we had good food and English company which was awesome, because I really don’t understand that much Portuguese at all. The kids here all make fun of me 😛

MyLDSmail is incredibly slow and unreliable here in Mozambique, but gmail isn’t… so we use gmail. Email is definitely the preferred mode of communication here; sending a letter costs like 150 metacais ($4-5). So send your emails to spencer.leake at!

Not really all that much to talk about here. I miss home, but am super excited for the work. Miss you all and hope to hear from you soon!

Elder A. Spencer Leake


About Spencer Leake

Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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