Week something or other!

Olá! Como vão?

This has been a crazy week. And yes, I got my travel plans yesterday! Yea, you may not be so excited, but I am so stoked to get out to Mozambique! We fly out of Salt Lake Monday, November 29th at 8:20 in the morning. Fly to Dallas, 4.5 hour layover, fly to London at 5:00pm. Arrive at London the next morning (14 hour flight), 10 hour layover… and we can’t leave the airport… 😦 oh well. Fly out of London at 6:00 PM (Tuesday), and arrive in South Africa at 6:45 Wednesday morning. 3 hour layover, one hour flight to Mozambique! Then who knows how long to my area. In total, about 31 hours of flying and 50 hours of travel… not so much fun… Getting so close to getting out of here though 😛 I get a phone call from one of the airports, I’ll know more about it later, but I’m hoping I’ll get to call from London in the early AM for you all (so I can say hi to everyone :P)
Got a huuuge Dear Elder this week from Sister Astle, the mother of one of the Elders who I met here in the MTC who is already out in Mozambique. After reading some of his letters home and seeing the things that Irmão Okazaki (the teacher here who went to Mozambique) showed us, I’m super stoked to go. (HE GOT TO HOLD A MONKEY. I WANT TO TOUCH A MONKEY.) My whole district has been having troubles focusing the last few days because we know we are leaving soon and can’t wait to get out of here. We are managing though…

This week we got to host some of the new missionaries that came in, which was cool, to talk to some new missionaries (and hear some things form the outside world).

This week our devotional was from Kevin W. Pearson, a member of the seventy. He talked a lot about how we need to focus as missionaries. There was something that he said that has still stuck with me. He said that everyone knows the truthfulness of the Gospel. We all heard about the plan in the premortal life. We all accepted it as we chose to come down to earth. Our job, as missionaries, is to help people remember the truths that they know and learned a long time ago. We cannot do this, for we, too, have imparied memories. Our job as missionaries is to invite the Holy Ghost to testify to the people of the truthfulness of our message, that they can remember those things they already know to be true.

I thank you all for your continued support and all that you do for me. Because of the holiday next week, it is unlikely I will get a package (or mail maybe) if you send it after Monday (the 22). So don’t do it. Buuuut, I’ll have my new address (I’ve had it for a while, and my parents may have it somewhere too) posted soon (I’ll send it in my next letter (the last from the MTC!)). I don’t expect ANYTHING in Mozambique, especially packages, because it is expensive, and I’ve been told that only about 3 of 5 packages show up safely to the owner. (If you do send a package to Mozambique, put Jesus stickers all over it. The locals are less likely to steal if they have to cut through Jesus, or so I’ve been told.) I do, however look forward to some emails 😛

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo é o nosso salvador. Através da sua Expiação, nós podemos salvado. Eu sei que as famílias são um grande parte do plano de Deus e que todos que nós precisamos nós podemos ser dado. Eu amo meu Redentor e sei que ele ama-me e todos de voces.

I’m out of time! Love you all lots,
Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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