Week 7!

Wednesday was the end of week 6! I can’t believe I’ve been here for an entire month and a half. If I was in the field, I would have just finished my first transfer… But not so here, I still have a few more weeks in this ‘area.’ Each day has been cruisin’ on past. I’m loving it here at the MTC, and loving my district, as we grow closer together. I’m grateful to hear things are going well at home, and I’m so grateful that you are all thinking of me. It’s hard for me to keep finding things to put in these emails… I have a few things thing week requested, and another surprise πŸ˜›

First off, I am supposed to leave on Monday, November 29th, for Mozambique. But, I don’t have my travel plans yet (should get them this upcoming week, maybe the week after), so I’m not entirely sure. Now, the flights to Mozambique are long, and many. The last group to leave here, for Mozambique, left early on a Monday morning, and didn’t get to their area until Friday night! That’s a looong time to travel. I’ll most likely go from Salt Lake to LA (2hrs), Chicago (2hrs), or New York (5hrs). I’ll eventually find myself in London (12hrs), Paris (12hrs), or Berlin (14hrs), probably, and will fly from there to South Africa (14hrs). South Africa to Maputo (2hrs), then a 2-22 hour bus ride to my area… plus some layovers equals a ridiculously long time. Not looking forward to traveling, but looking forward to getting there! I don’t think I’ll have problems with my visa; Mozambique is a fairly easy place to get them from (no problems so far)(ooh, Mom, has my FBI background check come in yet? -_-), so I should get out on time. Next week (or the week after), after I get my travel plans, I’ll let you all know where you can send letters to me in Mozambique (although I expect emails).

The language is coming, not great, but well enough. Elder Packard, in my district, brought up a good point, and I’m not too terribly worried anymore. He told us that when we get in the field, we won’t know enough to teach the lessons, period. Our senior companions will probably let us share scriptures and/or bear our testimonies, and so that is all we must know by the time we get out there, the rest is all bonus. It has made learning a lot more laid back, and easier, as I realize that I don’t need to stress, just work my hardest, and it will come. (I’ll practice my testimony later). I have been able to go to the temple every week, and the last two weeks my companion and I have done some sealings, which are awesome to listen to. I have also been spending some time doing a little bit of geneology work, on the new.familysearch.org. I have noticed, that a bunch of our family history info is missing off of it (especially Mom’s side) I put in as much info as I could, which wasn’t much, but at least it got started.

This week for our devotional, we had Elder David A. Bednar come and talk to us. It was a great talk, and I loved it. He spoke on the importance of simple doctrines, and how they apply to principles and applications in our lives. I have never really known what a ‘doctrine’ is, and he summed it up so perfectly. A doctrine, Elder Bednar says, is a truth revealed by God, pertaining to our eternal progression. Doctrine answers the question of ‘why?’ Principles are guidelines that come from doctrine, allowing us to righteously excersise our moral agency, and they answer the question of ‘what?’ Applications are actions, and answer the question of ‘how?’ This makes the quote ‘True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior’ make a lot more sense.

I’m running out of time, so a quick few things to end.

Thanks to everyone for their letters, and Katie, I love your ramblings :P. I may have forgotten to mention how much I enjoyed all of your candy that everyone sent to me, but there was a LOT, and I still have it and a lot of other delicious food πŸ˜› thanks

No time for a testimony today (dang!) but maybe I’ll send one to my mom to put up.

I love you all so much,
Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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