Week 5…

It’s been a whole ‘nother week since last I reported. First, let  me thank you all for the wonderful support and goodies you sent me 😛 I have pictures I’m sending home this week with how much love I received (in candy form :lol:). This week hasn’t been awesome, but hasn’t been terrible. Not too terribly much to report, but let’s see what I can get out.

So starting this week, all my lessons and teaching appointments are going to be in language. I thought I was doing well, but still cannot communicate my thoughts well in Portuguese. Not too terribly worried, but I am struggling a bit. My companion and I are going to do an English fast, starting tomorrow, until Monday night. Three whole days of no English! fun fun…

So last week I explained about the fireside that Elder Nelson came to and talked to us. This week for the fireside, we had Elder Richard G. Scott! Two in a row 😛 His talk was wonderful, and focused on what we need to do as missionaries to have the Spirit to be with us always, and how to keep ourselves open to promptings. It was a wonderfully inspiring talk, and if that wasn’t enough, he promised us four major things, as long as we have faith, and pay attention to the Spirit.

  1. For the Sister missionaries, he invoked an apostolic blessing of protection, a shield from harm.
  2. For those of us learning a new language, he invoked an apostolic blessing, giving us the gift of tongues. I know that as I have had faith, and used it, I have been able to learn so much so very quickly.
  3. He promised us confidence as we have faith in the Lord and learn to trust and rely on Him, and
  4. He promised us retention, that we might be able to learn, and through the Gift of Tongues, recall things that we need to teach the children of God the way back to Him.

Elder Scott has never been a very prominent member of the Twelve in my mind, but his talk blew me away, and left me so ready to get into the field and to do the things that the Lord would have me do. He is now one of my favorites; he has a wonderful testimony of what missionary work is and why it is so vitally important.

I love you all and thank you all so very much for you continued support. Halfway out of the MTC, but I can’t remember where the weeks, days, and now months, have gone. I thank my Heavenly Father for all of you and hope that each one of you are doing well. It will be expensive/ hard to get me letters in Mozambique, so I expect many of you will switch to emailing me (which is great), so get those letters in while you still have a chance 😛
I have been working on memorizing a scripture a day in Portuguese, and am up to 6 now… (it’s starting to get hard :P)

Eu sei que se nós depender em Cristo, e arrepender-se de nossos pecados, nós podemos salvar através da Expíação de Jesus Cristo, nosso Redentor. Eu sei que eu sou onde eu preciso ser, e que o Senhor é ter cuídado para a mim.

  • Cherish: I sent a letter today, hopefully it will get there by Thursday. This time to the right place!!
  • Chad and Jared: be on the look out for some Portuguese letters!

Until next week,
Com toda minha amor,
Elder A. Spencer Leake


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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