I’m so lost as to how long I’ve been here and what week this is. I’m pretty sure this is my fourth email, making this my third full week here.

First up, the other Mozambiques have left! They are now in the field (hopefully anyway, it’s a three day + flight to get to Mozambique from here)! I’m so excited for them and hope to be able to join them soon. My companion and I bonded with two of the Elders who left in that group, and I look forward to seeing Elders Workman and Astle in the country. It will be another few weeks (three I think) before we get any more Mozambiques, but we look forward to bringing them in under our wings. We keep getting Portuguese missionaries in, but there are no more Brazilians on the way in. They were supposed to go to the MTC in Brazil, but visa issues have been keeping them here, for up to 16 weeks in some cases! Anyone who was slated to go to the Brazilian MTC and had been here for more than 8 weeks left earlier this week, dropping the Portuguese to a much more reasonable 200ish, most of which is still Brazilian, but at least now my gym period isn’t a plague -_- Any missionaries who were called to the Brazilian MTC who haven’t reported yet are stuck at home until they get their visas. Sad, but the MTC couldn’t handle any more people.

Nextly, I figured that I should let you know what an average day in my life is like. Let’s go through a Monday:

  • 630-700 Prepare for the day – shower, shave, etc.
  • 700-815 Personal Study – This is where I study the Gospel. Recently, I have been doing this in Portuguese, but there is nothing saying I have to. I have also been reading Jesus the Christ.
  • 815-830 Breakfast – not great, the only thing I try to get is the oatmeal, but we have the last meal times, so it’s usually gone
  • 920-1010 Gym! – yay. I tend to play volleyball, or run. I could lift weights or play basketball or foursquare, but those dont appeal to me. (we get to go outside if its not wet or too early in the morning; sometimes gym starts at 6:35 -_-)
  • 1040-1300 Companionship/Language study. We have an hour of each (usually) and this is where we go over what we learned in personal study, then work on preparing lessons, researching gospel topics, or read the white bible (missionary rules), then we do language study. (Imagine a high school language class, but about a semester a week)
  • 1300-1345 Lunch! nomnomnom. Again, not the best but sometimes there’s great food. Wednesdays and Sundays = BYU Creamery ice cream (AMAZING) and today I had delicious Shepard’s Pie for lunch (you might try corn in it, Mom, it was delicious)
  • 1430-1600 Irmão Slater (Brother Slater) one of my two teachers, who served in Porto, Portugual. Gospel lessons, Portuguese, or practice teaching. Lots of fun.
  • 1700-1800 Irmão Slater again (he has a meeting on Mondays at 5)
  • 1800-1845 Dinner. Less nom. Sometimes good, but usually just passable.
  • 1930-2100 Irmão Willardson – served in Lisbon, Portugual, and has some riduculous stories about it. Same stuff as Irmão Slater
  • 2100-2130 Planning for the next day
  • 2130-2230 “Personal” time – we usually talk about gospel topics… yea. that´s it.
  • 2230 lights out.

It´s pretty structured here at the MTC, but it is less so in the field. On Sundays, we have a fireside at night, and Tuesdays are Devotional night. This last Tuesday, we had Elder Russell M. Nelson talk! It was soooo amazing. He talked about what we need to be doing as missionaries, but the best part of his talk was the bit he talked about service. The easiest way into someone’s life is to ask “what can I do to help you”.

I´m running out of time, so I´ll have to be quick with my last few remarks. I´m glad to hear that Bispo Palmer finally gets to spend some time with his family 😛 I am glad he was there to see us off, and he will always be my Bispo. Parabéns to Bispo Carter, and boa sorte! I would like to know how this is working. I know at one time he was active military, is he not any more?

Cherish, still no mail from you. I think I sent mine to the wrong place, sorry, sending again 😛

Ian, whatever you chose is right, just make usre you like it. Wow on the band, and I’m jealous of the Cedar Point.

I’m out, 3 seconds left!

Elder Leake!!


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Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo Mission. Currently posted in Nampula.
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